The sky's the limit.
What's holding you back?

The Problem

an overwhelming market

Circulation continues to drop, or, in the best case, is stabilized by high acquisition costs. Ad revenue is thinning out and finding its way to other markets. Digital Markets are growing exponentially and you find yourself only able to leverage into these markets by tacking in digital ads. The revenue is not enough to make up for the print decline. You are operating tactically and not strategically. This quarter profits are the only goal.

That’s where we step in.

The Solution

newZmobile - the black and white (and orange) solution

With deep insight into the newspaper industry, we are able to analyze your current circulation trends, identify your market's optimum pricing point, and lead you into the digital future. The strategy sounds simple on the service: offer a free mobile device with a new subscription. Sounds easy, right? There are others out there who will sell you devices in bulk for cheaper than retail. There are others out there who will even brand and customize mobile devices to your taste. Unfortunately, none of them has the insight into the industry that we have. We can show you how to grow print subscriptions (AAM units), increase circulation revenue, reduce churn and support costs, increase digital subscriptions, and position you for the future. Your future. Your money.

Client Solutions

A Case Study

Subscriptions were on a downward trend. The fundamentals of the business remain solid for now, but if the trend continues as is, the life of this newspaper is one for the history books.

Although acquisition costs were fairly stable, the 'churn' subscribers were falling out the back almost as quickly as new ones were entering the doors. Cumulative Revenue from acquisitions would never hit the cumulative acquisition cost unless something changed. [There is quite a bit of math behind this. Ask anyone who is attempting to sell you the same strategy if they even understand your business.]

Intelligent Projections

Smoothing and Projecting

In order to make future projections and recommend a strategy, we smoothed out the model, analyzed the current predictive curves, and proposed a new model.

We decided to be extremely conservative in our projections in order to show the potential of our model.

We projected pressure sales at 77% of current pressure sales.

We added a mere 5% ($1.51/month) to the published rate.

We assumed 137% of current acquisition costs per acquisition.

Oh yeah, and we included a free tablet to the subscriber.

Running at the Future

Digital Footprints

As if stopping the circulation loss, changing circulation into a for-profit revenue stream, and growing both print and digital markets weren't enough, we went further. We prepared to not only run at the future, but to take hold of the future and make it ours. Staying within the current pricing model, we would be able to:

  • Help subscribers and advertisers unite by following digital footprints
  • Provide subscribers with real-time technical support
  • Create a reason for subscribers to not only get the product, but to engage
  • Position ourselves for future ideas by streaming in new Apps as they are developed
Probably Sounds Expensive

Not Hardly

In a typical Pilot program, you start with 1000 devices. This program includes market analysis and strategy, sales training, and management software and more.

In a typical Launch program you start with 5000 devices. This program includes branded tablets with case, market analysis and strategy, sales training, management software, second tier tech support, credit decisions, sales blitz, and more.

We are confident that the pilot program will lead you into the Launch program. We are confident the Launch program will lead you to continue your partnership with us.

What is next?

Consider, Contact, and Circulate

Just one last thing. Our pricing model also targets the core subscriber. And net on net, you still gain more revenue with less expense. Consider that.

You can phone us or email us, as per below. We would like the chance to engage, and will bounce serious inquiries to our executive team. We believe engagement to be critical in assessing a market and making tailor-fit recommendations.

Device Provisioning

Simply & Easy

There are thousands of devices out there. You could shop them yourself, but that takes time. Could you get a cheaper cost than us on a known tablet that would be paid off over the course of two years?

The right device is no mean feat. At 1000, the supply chain is not an issue, but it quickly becomes one. And then there's the positioning. Does your team know how to set up your tablets for leveraging the future? We take a holistic view with an eye towards not just economies of scale, but preparation for a thriving new line of business.

Device Imaging and Kitting

Embracing Your new Brand

Billing Solutions

Take the Money and concentrate on content

Most newspapers have Billing subscribers as one of their core competencies. Many are using older systems, although some have moved into newer technology. At newZmobile, we can fulfil your mobile device strategy billing needs. By billing in bulk to pre-approved Bank or Credit accounts and then remitting payments to your paper, newZmobile, and third party upsells, newZmobile can position your business to embrace various scenarios as they become available to newZmobile.

Let's say that we were able to come to lease terms through a vendor using your company as the creditor of record and suppress the initial outlay somewhat, we could position your cash flow to not take the immediate full hit for devices, but to pay for them as payments come in from subscribers. In order to accommodate this as well as other scenarios (think cell data plans), both the papers and the various vendors would need billing fulfilment. Enter newZmobile.

Collection Solutions

Don't Hate the Haters

It is possible that someone will default on their payments. That is why we offer a collections solution. Our collection solution does a few things

  • Make credit decisions based on what YOU decide.
  • Keep the newspaper at arms-length for non-payment scenarios. newZmobile takes the heat off of you.
  • Secure your AAM units up front.
Tech Support

White Label Help

You probably want your own team fielding lower order questions about technical support. How do I access your website? I didn't get the email I signed up for.

But you have and will deal with subscribers who need technical support of a different nature. Those people might need to know how to access 'The Facebook', or even how to create an email account. They might have unforeseen troubles with the applications they have put on the devices. That's where we come in. We can offer technical support, screen sharing access, and answers to both technical questions and even ones that just make your subscribers more engaged with your paper.

Ground Blitz

Setting the Stage for Your Team

You have the biggest megaphone in your market. You can set the stage for us to come and kick off your new Mobile Device Strategy. We prep you with suggested advertising and targeted markets. We select a weekend or targeted time period. Then, we show up and push your devices. Your team learns our sales strategy and expertise, or you continue to engage us in pushing your devices into the hands of eager subscribers.

Targeted Telemarketing

Ring. Its newZmobile!

With deep insight into how circulation works, and the challenges of the newspaper industry, we can help we targeted telemarketing campaigns. We can analyze and target the highest revenue targets. Churn subscriptions and subsidized routes top the list for many papers. We can make certain each touch has not only the revenue-goals in mind, but also the forward facing vision of the future.

Data Tracking


"You guys wanna know how I know how to spell analytics?"

Deep dive into the demographics and habits of your subscribers. Cement the relationship between the advertiser and the subscriber by relevant, helpful targeting based on big data.

App Pushing

I just had an idea

Your team has ideas every day, and every day they get pushed in front of real people. Creatives in print, digital campaigns. But what if you could have a fully branded, fully thought out idea that you could immediately push straight to your clients. No wait. No downtime.

App Sharing

Unite, don't divide

You probably have seen others in the industry riding the waves of new digital ideas that are outside of your budget. On the other side, you may have paid way too much for a good idea, only to see the revenues slide. How about this? Leverage your digital reach and your industry knowledge with others to acquire all the best ideas in the most economical way.

Envision an App. Let's say an 'Ask the Doctor App'. Too much to build? Probably. Have a large advertiser who would like to brand it on your devices? Probably.

Enter App Development sharing

  • Custom Branding
  • Vet Best Ideas in your industry
  • Monetize your ideas and capitalize on other's ideas

newZmobile aims to be the one source for all your business needs, whether it be customer relations, internal affairs, I.T. needs, or software solutions. Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds from all over the technology and business worlds, providing you full coverage when it comes to hardware and software solutions for your growing business. And we know the newspaper industry. We love it and are reinventing it before your eyes.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop us an e-mail at for more information. We look forward to working with you.